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Carmel Farnan, Founder, Australian Mindfulness Academy
Founder - Carmel Farnan

Carmel Farnan is a Psychologist and Psychotherapist who has a private clinical practice in Dublin. She has had a deep interest in Mindfulness and Meditation since her teenage years, and has developed her own personal practice of Mindfulness since that time. She completed Mindfulness training within her psychology degree and also has completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Programme from the University of Massachussets. She continually expands her Mindfulness knowlege through attending courses at Oxford Mindfulness Centre.


Carmel believes in Jon Kabat-Zinn's philosophy that the world can be healed through Mindfulness, starting with the change that comes from individuals practicing mindfulness on a personal level. With this in mind, in recent years she also founded the British Mindfulness Academy, and the Irish Mindfulness Academy. Prior to this Carmel co-founded national Mindfulness oganisations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, UAE and also in Canada.


 As a graduate member of the British Psychological Society Carmel ensures adherence to their Ethical Code in all aspects of Mindfulness Courses delivered by the Australian Mindfulness Academy.

Dr Lisa Greenspan - Mindfulness Trainer
Lisa Greenspan, Mindfulness Trainer

Dr Lisa Greenspan is a chartered Counselling Psychologist (Dpsych) with a huge passion for Mindfulness. She has over tweny-five years of Clinical Pracice worked across a variety of sectors, in terms of providing support to clients, staff and patients alike.


Lisa brings her professional skills and draws upon her personal mediation practice to offer Mindfulness training to those she meets in her work as a Psychotherapist and supervisees in her role as Counselling Supervisor. She completed additional training in Mindfulness to offer Mindfulness training in to many client populations ranging from children to adults. Lisa continues to actively research the applications of Mindfulness in the modern context.


Lisa’s qualifications include MSc Occupational Psychology, MSc Counselling Psychology, Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology & Chartered member of the British Psychological Society division of Counselling Psychology, HCPC Registered, Member BACP.

Margaret Forde - Mindfulness Trainer
Margaret Forde, Mindfulness Trainer

Margaret Forde is a chartered counselling psychologist, a chartered organisational psychologist and an accredited psychotherapist. Margaret has a private clinical practice for over 30 years and facilitates courses in Meditation, Wellbeing and Positivity and Stress Management for individuals and companies.


Additionally, Margaret has lectured in psychology at masters level in third-level institutions. Her qualifications include:
B.A (Hons Psych), Diploma in Applied Psychology, H.Dip.Ed
Chartered Psychologist, Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) in both the Division of Counselling Psychology and Work and Organisational Psychology.
Founder, Positive Psychology Irl.
Accredited Holistic Psychotherapist (IAHP)
Member, International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA)

Linda Land - Mindfulness Trainer
Linda Land, Mindfulness Trainer

Linda Land is a Mindfulness Trainer is a qualified life coach who has always held a personal and professional interest in Mindfulness. In line with this, Linda has  taught Mindfulness to groups, private clients and the general public for almost two decades. Linda is in private practice since 2001.


Linda has pursued many trainings in NLP, CBT,  Solution Focussed Therapy, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to ensure effective and long-lasting therapeutic results for her clients.


To enhance her existing Mindfulness experience Linda has completed the MBSR program from the University of Massachusetts .


Annmarie Kennedy - Mindfulness Trainer
Annmarie Kennedy, Mindfulness Trainer

Annmarie Kennedy is an accredited Psychotherapist qualifying with a first class honours degree (B.Sc. in Counselling and Psychotherapy) from Middlesex University.  She has been in private clinical practice for the past fifteen years.


Annmarie had a personal interest in Mindfulness for many years and actively pursued this passion through attending Mindfulness training courses internationally, including the MBSR training programme from the University of Massachusetts.  


Since her formal training as a Mindfulness Trainer Annmarie has presented training courses for professionals at all levels internationally. Annmarie is accredited with IACP and brings this ethical code to both her clinical practice and her delivery of all Mindfulness courses.

Linda Keen - Mindfulness Trainer

Linda Keen is an accredited Psychotherapist with established clinical practices. Following her graduation Middlesex University with a first class honours degree (BSc Hons) in Psychotherapy Linda completed Mindfulness training to formalise her decade long personal practice of Mindfulness and Meditation.  


As a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) Linda adheres to their Code of Ethics both in private practice and in the delivery of all Mindfulness Courses. 


Linda has pursued post-graduate training in many areas which support Mindfulness practice, most notably in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology. Her CBT skills bring valuable knowledge to the delivery of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Courses.

Linda Keen, Mindfulness Trainer
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