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Anne Hogarth - Clinical Audiological Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"This course was one of the most important 3 days in my career. The delivery and it's content was excellent and is Life-Changing. I could not offer any improvements. Very highly recommended. Well Done!"

Donna Jordan -  Mindfulness for Wellbeing in Schools Course.

"I wanted to change the lives of the children I work with but I never thought it would change my life so much. I now have inner peace and a whole new perspective on life, living in the present and finding wonder in each moment".


Brid Ni Chadhan, Online Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course.

"I really enjoyed the course. I can already feel the shift in my consciousness towards being in the moment. Clear idea of how to switch from the negative thoughts that can overwhelm."

Helen Clark, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone working with people in a therapeutic area. It has given me very useful tools to bring me forward in both my personal life and my career."

Ivan Wkadk, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.

"Brilliant course, fulfilled my expectations."

Neily Gallagher, Mindfulness for Professionals Course.
"it took me 19 years learning and heard it all in 3 days! Loved it."



Maxine O'Hora, Online Mindfulness for Stress Reduction.
"Excellent. The best course I have ever attended."


Fergal, Mindfulness for Stress Reduction Course.
I took this course when it was being run by Carmel Farnan, Course Director.  “Thank you Carmel Farnan  - I was a terrible worrier about future events and also held a lot of guilt inside. This caused a lot of troubled and left me suffering with stress, anxiety and I was unable to sleep. After participating in this course I am now a changed person. I can concentrate and I now live in the present. I have the ability to be with what's happening right now in my life, not the presentation that I'm due to give in a few days time, or whether I can meet my monthly mortgage commitment.

Before the course I just didn't have the skills to change, but the change in me happened practically overnight. I decided that I didn't want to dwell anymore on the negatives. It was the Mindfulness practice and taking time to write down the positives in my life that changed it for me. Now when I go out walking, I don't take the ipod. As I walk I absorb everything around me.
I notice all the nature around me, all the trees and even how the grass smells. I tune into the sounds of the ducks and to the sound of the river. My god-given senses allow me to enjoy my walk and everything that happens while walking. 
Carmel's course taught me how to do this and now a fortnight later I still have a very positive view on life. On the course we also did some Meditation. As an insomnia sufferer for many years I had no faith in the meditation. I had done all kinds of holistic treatments for this including massages, Reiki, and I had also tried medication – but nothing worked. I also bought cd’s and meditation apps but absolutely nothing worked. Until the meditation on this course. I relaxed so deeply that I didn't think I'd be able to rouse myself.
Finally, I want to say that personally after I completed this course my mind has stopped wandering as I do my daily practices. I am living very clearly in the present moment. I'm recommending this course to anyone, regardless of their ailments, to see it brings a new something , that is useful, helpful and life-changing to them. The first step is to actually do the course. Once you have done that you WILL absolutely notice a positive difference. Please let me know of your follow-up courses.”



Jerome D., Corporate Mindfulness Training Course.
“Carmel Farnan, from the Australian Mindfulness Academy, came into our offices to give us a course on Mindfulness. The presentation was excellent and the course itself was a very positive experience. Personally, I found it to very calming and felt very relaxed throughout. I fully intend to bring what I have learned from this course into my personal life and also into my working life by practising it on a daily basis.
On the course there was lots of interaction and discussion which was really enjoyable, but more importantly helped people to understand their own different thought processes and also how Mindfulness can be applied to themselves.

Carmel is a lovely course facilitator and is hugely knowledgeable about Mindfulness. She was really warm and welcoming, which was great because the people relaxed and therefore asked lots of questions, which helped them gain more from the course.

Thank you Carmel for taking the time to come into our offices and introducing us to Mindfulness, and also for whetting our appetite about Mindfulness. We plan on having you back in for more courses really soon”.
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